The Elite SportZ Band enhances training performance and endurance for athletes!

ESB BandInstantly relieves pain and tension.

Effectively prevents pain due to twisting, bending, and overuse.

Easy and comfortable to wear.


Athletes and Back Injury:

Approximately 80% of people suffer from low back pain at some point in their life with athletes at a greater risk. According to a 2010 Basketball Back Protectionstudy published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 71 percent of teenagers who had been highly active in competitive sports since they were children reported experiencing lower back pain at least once in their lives.

Young Athletes:  Because muscles, ligaments, and fascia develop more slowly than bone during early puberty, the added strain and pressure on those ligaments and muscles around the spine put adolescent athletes at risk of a lower back injury.

In a study of more than 1,200 young athletes, it was found that lower back injuries were the third most common injury in athletes younger than 18.  Almost half of the back injuries were severe enough to sideline kids for one to six months and put them at future risk for long-term back problems.

ANYONE who experiences repetitive motion, bending, twisting and high impact over long hours each day are at risk of back injuries due to overuse injuries called microtraumas.

Is back pain holding you back?  If so, Elite SportZ Band is for you!

gym5Safety is a concern for most athletes, parents and coaches. Wearing Elite SportZ Band enhances performance, improves activation of core abdominal muscles and reduces spinal impact. The band provides uniform compression without compromising flexibility. Elite SportZ Band can be worn over or under clothing. There are no hooks, Velcro or plastic inserts to impair mobility. The Elite SportZ Band stays firmly in place even during the most vigorous workouts. As people who have tried the band often say, “It just works.”

Athletes participating in a wide variety of sports enjoy the benefits of wearing the Elite SportZ Band.  Here are just a few examples: