How It Works

BackacheThe Band looks so basic, can it really work?  YES!   What looks like a simple product is actually a solution for the 80% of people who experience low back pain.

Back pain is not only due to athletic training.  It is often caused by daily activity such as bending and twisting.  Even standing or sitting all day long can cause chronic pain or injury.

The combination of the compression and warmth provided by the Band helps accelerate blood flow (and oxygen) to your core muscles, ultimately improving circulation, reducing lactic acid and reducing inflammation, addressing key components of pain.




Why the Band is differentBB back

The Band is not a brace.  It is not going to improve posture better by stabilizing the spine, but rather teach the body how to be stronger and stabilize itself. Bracing means holding, preventing motion. Our Band guides your body to stabilize its self while reminding you to stay in good posture, maximizing its potential.

Featuring the special Z-weave to keep the Band securely in place, the Elite SportZ Band can be worn over or underneath clothing and allows full flexibility, unlike braces, wraps or tape.



Why you should try the Band even if you are not in painGolfMedium

People active in sports with repetitive motion, bending, twisting and high impact over long hours of training can experience back injuries due to overuse injuries called microtraumas.

The Elite SportZ Band provides warm, soothing, uniform compression around the lower back and torso to support the entire lumbar spine, improve the activation of core muscles, and increase muscle memory to improve posture and strengthen the core, reducing the impact and helping reduce injury.