Protect your most valued asset, your back!

Gymnasts and rhythmic gymnasts rely on a strong back during long hours of training and competition. Our bands easily fit over leotards and stays securely in place throughout all rotations. Our customers notice shorter recover times, enhanced body awareness and ability to train longer.

Our back warmer and compression band together in this simple design is approved by doctors, therapists and loved by users because it increases proprioception and muscle memory, improves core activation and reduces sprains and strains.

“We discovered Elite Sportz Bands after researching preventative measures for back injuries. My daughter Kelsey (a Level 9 Gymnast) had a stress injury to her back from a fall during a competition this past February and we were eager to do all we could to insure that she trained safely and was doing all she could to prevent any further injuries. The Elite Sportz Band has been wonderful. My daughter wears it every day while training and feels that it truly makes a difference for her.”