Dr. Larry Nassar
Has Joined
Elite SportZ Band
as Partner and Advisory Board Member!

Train Smarter.

Approximately 80% of people have experienced low back pain.
Up to 30% of adolescents have experienced back pain.

Elite SportZ Band is the answer for people who are sidelined from life or their active lifestyle due to back pain. As compared to many products people wear, such as ankle braces, wraps, and tape, the Elite SportZ Band is a compression band and not a brace. The amazing product not only offers relief from lower back pain, but can help prevent pain and shorten recovery time between workouts.

- Helps to alleviate pain related to overuse, arthritis, sprains and other issues.
- Helps prevent injuries.
- Guides the body to stabilize itself while promoting good posture so the body can maximizing its potential.
- Appropriate for people of all ages

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